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Zero. Zilch. Nada. The buzziest new Bay Area homes aren't envied for their Kim and Kanye-like excess. Instead, their cool factor lies in what's lacking.... More»


Pacific Heights architecture firm Turnbull Griffin Haesloop is known for pulling off deft... More»


After forfeiting its original Union Square location in 2010 to rising rents and then pop-up hopping throughout the city, the... More»


No more fumbling around with start-stop, high-low buttons that just don’t, well, match your range. The new... More»


Green-construction firm Cree Building developed its New Age–sounding ... More»


It takes some gumption to build a three-story addition onto one’s home as an homage to the painter Piet Mondrian. What if the primary-color blocks end... More»


“Most houses have a man cave,” says Erin Hiemstra, kicking off a pair of leopard-print Emerson Fry heels. “This is my chick cave.”... More»


Mexican-born, San Francisco-based artist Ana Teresa Fernandez likes to ask uncomfortable... More»


Like the stylist who slings a Chanel bag over a thrifted Buffalo Exchange dress or the foodie who chases his lobster with a swig of Schlitz,... More»


Long dominated by scaled-up wooden lodges, kitschy cabins, and Nixon-era ski resort condos, Tahoe’s architecture is finally coming of age. Today,... More»


MOST RENOVATING HOMEOWNERS gamely volunteer that they want to be hands-on, but British software consultant Michael Burn has the calluses to prove it. When... More»


AS A RETIRED VIRGIN AMERICA AIRLINE EXEC, Fred Reid knows a thing or two about a bird’s-eye view. Though he already had a sprawling home (designed by... More»