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San Francisco has a large degree of income inequality—we all know this. But thanks to a... More»

The New York City skyline

If you listen to the housing affordability debate here in San Francisco, you'd be pardoned for thinking that there were only two mutually exclusive options... More»

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng

Forget affairs with former heads of government. Those are so 2000's. Let's talk about tech guys.  ... More»


Tech bros throwing shade on the Bay Area is now such a phenomena that the tech bro in question doesn't even have to live here. That's the only conclusion we... More»


A Silicon Valley venture capitalist who opens a "... More»


Is San Francisco getting more conservative? That's the provocative thesis of... More»


I live in the Nema Building on 10th Street on the 23rd floor in an apartment that... More»

Techies in Oakland?

"Dispatches from the SF Culture War" is our new, semi-regular look at the Tech versus San Francisco cage match.... More»


Last night, controversial defender of the One Percent Tom Perkins took to the Commonwealth Cub... More»


You've heard of Nixon going to China, but how about Guber going to China? You will soon. A Youtube... More»


Well, at least there's enough space to dry dock the Google Barge now that it's been kicked out of Treasure Island. Actually there's plenty of space... More»