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Cat That Saved Bakersfield Child From Dog Is Our New Batkid

An insane video.

Eat your five-year-old heart out, Batkid. There's a new superhero in town. And that hero is a cat. 

In a video posted to Youtube, an adorable little moppet (an innocent citizen of Gotham in this metaphor) who's wearing a pink shirt can be seen tooling around his parents' driveway on a little bicycle when, out of nowhere, a dog leaps at him, grabbing his leg with its teeth and pulling him off the bike to the ground.

The dog drags and shakes the kid for a few heart-stopping moments until—also out of nowhere—the family cat pounces on it, allowing the boy to run to safety. The cat then chases the dog out of the frame, while the boy's mother comes to help him. The whole incident is captured on film thanks to what appears to be security cameras that the family has installed at their home.

According to the Chron, the bites on the boy's leg required stitches. As for the wild dog, Bakersfield animal control took it into custody, and—in what is also the obvious solution to supervillains like the Joker or Two-Face—it will be soon euthanized. 

In related news, Bakersfield homeowners now live in such fear of crime (and, we guess, wild dogs) that they install multiple security cameras facing the street outside their own home. Maybe we still need Batkid after all.


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