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It Costs Almost the Same to Live in San Francisco As It Does To Live Paradise

Paradise is still just slightly more expensive, though.

San Francisco is only slightly less expensive to live in than a city where a McDonald's Quarter Pounder costs $4.20. But only ever so slightly. 

Based on what's called the Regional Price Parity—which measured how far a dollar goes in different cities around the country—San Francisco is the nation's sixth-most expensive place to live. For things like rent, food, and transportation, our prices are 21.3% above the United States average. That's according to data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which found that the most expensive city in America was Honolulu—home of that crazy expensive hamburger.

San Francisco is actually surpassed by two other Bay Area urban centers: San Jose, which was number three; and Santa Cruz, at number five. So that's...weird. But anyway, the "major" city where your money goes the furthest is none other than Danville, Illinois.

The list of most expensive cities:

1. Honolulu, RPP 122.9

2. New York, RPP 122.2

3. San Jose, RPP 122.0

4. Bridgeport, RPP 121.5

5. Santa Cruz, RPP 121.4

6. San Francisco, RPP 121.3

7. Washington D.C., RPP 120.4


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