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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Wednesday afternoon lunch break link bait. 

Stanley Roberts

Stanley Roberts

Stanley Roberts Watches People Behaving Badly: Not since the days of Mal Sharpe has there been so much entertainment value for your dollar on local tv. [H/t: SF Weekly]

Nonprofit Helping Arts Groups Stay in Mid-Market: The mayor says tech workers aren't robots. But what about the artists? [H/t: SFGate]

Secret Recipe for Chez Panisse's Halibut Ceviche: Let's be real. 95% of the work in all Chez Panisse recipes comes down to shopping at Berkeley Bowl. [H/t: 7x7

Oakland Is the Better Option for the Warriors: Maybe, but want to bet that Oakland's political leadership can put together a deal? Us neither. [H/t: East Bay Express]

Five Things You Might Be Doing Wrong in SF: We do one of these things wrong constantly. And we're not going to tell you which. [H/t: Broke-Ass Stuart]


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