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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Thursday afternoon lunch break link bait. 

We Love Living in North Oakland: Grease Box! Yes! [The Bold Italic

Rent vs. Buy Calculator: The longer you plan to stay, the better it is to buy. [NYTimes via Socket Site]

Apple Plans to Occupy Seven Buildings in Sunnyvale: A big increase in office space. [San Jose Mercury]

#TBT Tourist Cars on Lombard Street in 1933: How could the neighbors be expected to know their street was a tourist trap when it's only been a tourist trap since the invention of the automobile? [SF Weekly]

BART Strike Dominates East Bay Assembly Race: A deep dive into what is arguably is the most interesting race this year. [East Bay Express]

Where to Eat at the Oakland Airport: We're partial to that wine bar by Gate 26. [Eater SF]

Sean Lennon's Gear Stolen: There's really nothing else we could say, except, "Imagine no possessions." [SF Examiner]

Five Teachers Quit Over Catholic School Morality Clause: Not to mention some donors declining to give. [SFGate]

Humpback Whale Corpse Washes up in Half Moon Bay: It's gross, but you know that you want to see the pictures. Here they are. [SFGate]

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