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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Friday afternoon lunch break link bait. 


Oakland Lawyer Convicted of Failing to Care for 93 Cats: And two dogs. [SFGate]

White House Checks out Ocean Beach Plan: Barack Obama is looking for a place to put his Presidential Surfing Library, after all. [SFGate]

Tenderloin Landlord Backs off Eviction of Section 8 Tenants: The rare eviction story with a happy conclusion. [SF Examiner]

Martha Stewart Eats Food in San Francisco: And has opinions! [Eater SF]

SFO to Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Just don't you dare take a ride share to get to them. [SF Business Times]

New 49ers Stadium to Offer Vegan Food: Garlic fries are vegan, right? [SF Weekly]

Watch Maven Install a Living Wall: What's a living wall? A living wall, is of course, a four mana 0/6 artifact creature with defender and 1: regenerate. [Hoodline]

UberX for Tiny Planes: Is anyone else worried about us hitting Peak Uber for Something? [TechCrunch]


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