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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Tuesday afternoon lunch break link bait. 


Computer Scientists Building an Internet of Dogs: For emergency rescue, obviously. [Fast Company

Increased Density Won't Make Housing Affordable: The argument's a little dense and jargon laden, but the basic point is that increasing supply locally won't make much of a dent if the demand is global. [Pacific Standard]

Can SF Restaurants Survive a Higher Minimum Wage?: Different perspectives on the ballot initiative. [Edible SF]

A's Threaten to Move to Montreal or San Antonio: Sure, it's a threat. But is it a credible one? [SFGate]

Marmot Released Back to Yosemite: San Francisco gives one homeless animal a bus ticket back home. [SF Examiner]

Underberg Is the New Fernet: Sure it is. Sure it is. We'll keep doing shots of Jager, thanks. [The Bold Italic]

Kinch Vows to Rebuild Manresa: Repairing the fire damage at the restaurant could take months and hundreds of thousands of dollars. [Eater SF]

Developers Rush to Alameda Point: 800 units of mixed use development could be in the works. [SF Business Times]


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