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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Tuesday afternoon lunch break link bait. 


One Senior Explains Why She Blocked the Google Bus: A rare instance in which the comment section—most of which disagrees—is just as articulate and interesting as the main story. [Streetsblog SF]

Nic Cage Drank All Your Sake: He must be prepping for Leaving Las Vegas 2. [Eater SF]

Coffee With Eric Schmidt Will Run You $16k: Minimum. And that's not including a danish. [SFGate

Ryan Farr Shows You How to Make Sausage: Disproving the old adage. [SFGate]

Man Shot in Foot Doesn't Go to Hospital for Two Days: He was busy. [Examiner]

Apartment Hunting in SF Sucks: Yup. [The Bold Italic]

Animal Rights Activists Smash Windows of Berkeley Butcher Shop: That'll show them? [Berkeleyside]

Don't Say You're From the City if You're Really From the Burbs: Cool story, bro. [TNR


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