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City Life

Explainer: Why Did My Cell Phone Get An Amber Alert?

The government can send phone messages to almost everyone in America with a smart phone. Should we applaud or be concerned? Read More »

City Life

It's Cold Outside! 20 Warming Antidotes to the Grey Chill of Fogust

Otherwise known as August, this is the month that challenges even the most dedicated San Franciscan. Here are some secrets to making it all better. Read More »

Weekend Escapes

Is This Santa Barbara's Dog Patch?

In a town known for manicured lawns and UC bars, a bold new neighborhood brings on the funk. Read More »

City Life

Requiem for a Badass: Ten Things You Might Not Know About the Late, Legendary Ruth Asawa

The famed local sculptor leaves a legacy even bigger than her artwork. Read More »

City Life

What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

Your Wednesday lunch break link bait. Read More »

City Life

Men in Manolos: Sex and the City Goes Drag

Sex and the City: Live! star D’Arcy Drollinger tells us about playing Samantha Jones as a drag queen. Read More »


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