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A Moveable Feast
By Patti Dickey | May 5, 2015

With great anticipation, I boarded my Air France flight, which turned out to be a perfect first step on a luxurious culinary trip through glorious Burgundy. The in-flight meal by Régis Marcon, Air France’s three-Michelin-starred chef, whet my...

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The Big Idea
By Candice Dyer and Phebe Wahl | May 4, 2015

Owner, Gigi’s Cupcakes Atlanta
“I was definitely not your typical candidate for a cupcake bakery owner,” admits Sarah Bonner, owner of...

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By the Book
By Stephanie Smith | April 24, 2015

1. Lusca
"Lusca (1829 Peachtree Road NE). And it’s always gonna be Lusca—sitting at the sushi bar, talking to Nhan [Le]."


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Now in Atlanta
Caroline Cox, Jacqueline Z. Grossnickle, Elizabeth Shulte Roth, Phebe Wahl & Chris Watkins | April 17, 2015

1. bhv 20
Leave it to the man who famously feted his beloved spaniel mix, Sophie, with a...

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Against the Grain
By Jordan Walker | April 10, 2015

1. Alma Cocina
Alma Cocina brings a spoonful of spice to Downtown Atlanta with contemporary Latin and Mexican cuisine, such as gluten-free-friendly lobster with red...

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Perforated Perfection
By Jacqueline Z. Grossnickle | April 6, 2015

Laser cutting, once reserved solely for haute couture, can now be seen in the spring and fall 2015 ready-to-wear collections. Fashion’s finest, Proenza Schouler and Christian Louboutin,...

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2015 Salon & Stylist Awards
By Caroline Cox, Raven Schley and Phebe Wahl | April 6, 2015

{ Best Brows }
The Perfect Brows
Barely there brows have met their match with Atlanta brow...

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Closet Case
By Caroline Cox | April 6, 2015

For Robanne Schulman—CEO, president and private stylist of Plaid Monkey—there is no typical day. And she wouldn’t have it any other way. The 42-year-old Alabama native, who grew up in...

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Westside Story
By Wendy Bowman | April 6, 2015

After the traveling art shows she hosted in her girlfriends’ Southeastern homes in the late ’90s started overflowing, Gregg Irby decided it was time to open her own art gallery. “When I moved to Atlanta in my early 20s, I wanted to...

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Best in Class
By Nate Chapnick | April 6, 2015

Exotic Beauty: 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish
Aston Martin’s flagship supercar, the Vanquish, is a whole new animal for 2015. A revised 6.0-liter V12 engine puts out 568 horsepower, making this the most powerful GT production...

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Meat and Greet
Wendell Brock | Photography by Angie Moser | April 3, 2015

Back in 2006, Micah Willix became a national player when Esquire named Midtown’s Ecco one of the year’s best new restaurants. Five years later, the executive chef moved uptown—to the highly...

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Let’s Take This Outside!
By Stephanie Smith | April 3, 2015

1. Atlas
Atlas has made its mark among the city’s fine dining stalwarts. Now that temps are on the rise, expect spots in its 68-seat alfresco area...

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