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House Proud
By Travis Neighbor Ward | January 15, 2015

Driving by Restoration Hardware’s new showroom on Peachtree Road, it’s easy to mistake it for a hotel. Six stories tall, charcoal gray and adorned with an endless series of balconies and 12-foot-tall French doors (there are 220 doors...

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Food for Thought
By Phebe Wahl | January 12, 2015

“It was a hard punch to the gut,” remembers Jen Hidinger of her husband’s stage 4 gallbladder cancer diagnosis in December 2012. “The shock wave really drowned us for a little while,” she says. A professional chef who...

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To-Do List
Caroline Cox | January 9, 2015

1. Martina McBride
This award-winning country music star proves she can still rock—as her recently released album, Everlasting, topped the...

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Italian Renaissance
Ayesha Khan | January 8, 2015

At the base of the rolling volcanic Euganean Hills in Italy’s Veneto region lies a seemingly endless reserve of thermal mud (said to have been around since the time of the ancient Romans). Matured for months in a series of bubbling tanks,...

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The Best of the City
By The Editors | January 5, 2015


En Pointe
Wendy Whelan is a contemporary ballerina known for her playful personality and strong physicality, and, in addition to being one of the...

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Cosmetic Enhancement
Karina Timmel | December 23, 2014

Having spent more than 30 years in the beauty industry, it’s safe to say Linda Roberts, president and founder of Therapy Systems Inc., knows her bareMinerals from her Bumble and bumble. So when we heard she was...

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A Mighty Oak
Wendell Brock | Photography by Meredith Fleming | December 22, 2014

Where in Atlanta can you drape your neck with Kendra Scott baubles, chisel your abs at Exhale’s Core Fusion Barre class, and cut pirouettes at a holiday ice rink before retiring to a world-class steakhouse for a...

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Beth Weitzman | December 19, 2014

1. Alexis Bittar
Reflecting elegance is Alexis Bittarʼs custom-designed 24K gold-plated dual compact mirror—part of the jewelry designerʼs limited-edition line exclusively for...

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Eat Your Art Out
Chris Watkins | December 19, 2014

1. Lusca
The octopus mural at Lusca is an imposing monolith and instant eye-catcher for patrons. “I like that he lords over the room. His size gives him a real...

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Caroline Cox | December 17, 2014


High Museum of Art

It was a quiet morning in the museum as a handpicked group of media and art-world elite strolled through the High’s new exhibit, Cézanne and the...

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Boutique Bubbly
Katie Kelly Bell | December 17, 2014

Jacquesson Cuvee 737
Established in 1798, this rich Champagne predates world-renowned Krug Champagne—formed by former Jacquesson employee Johann-Joseph Krug—by almost a century. Its Cuvee 737 delivers rich,...

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Coupe du Jour
Nate Chapnick | December 15, 2014

Many high-performance supercars spend most of their time parked, saddled by inclement weather and overall impracticality. Enter the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4MATIC Coupe, a two-door supercar re-envisioning of the maker’s top-of-the-line sedan,...

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