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Tradition reigns supreme at the Atlanta Steeplechase.


Kingston Downs

As a tradition for many locals as far back as 1966, the Atlanta Steeplechase continues to draw impressive crowds of attendees looking for a lively day of horse racing, music, a hat parade and more, all to benefit The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Also on the docket: the parade of the Bear Creek hounds, a Moreland, Ga.-based group of finely bred dogs renowned in the fox-hunting world. Photographer Alicia Kibodeaux snapped this shot as the pups made their way to the racetrack. “It was quite a sight to watch the hounds move as a team centered around the hunter,” she recalls. “I was trying to capture the poise, prestige and concentration of the horseman, along with the contrasting enthusiasm coming from the hounds.” The day’s events also included terrier races and bagpipers, but it was the hounds that had people whipping out their smartphones and looking on in wonder. “Hunting is what these dogs live to do,” adds Kibodeaux, “and the happiness on their faces and excitement in their steps radiated just that.”