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The sold-out About South dinner was one of the more exclusive signature events to accompany this year’s Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.


Atlanta History Center

Toques from all around the Southeast, including celebrichefs such as John Besh, Mike Lata, Edward Lee and John Currence, treated guests to a moveable feast, beginning with an interactive cocktail hour and appetizers on the lawn of the Swan House, then a second seafood course in the neighboring gardens that soon stretched into a candlelit outdoor dinner, finished by delectable desserts paired with lively music and storytelling down at Smith Family Farm.

“It was a very communal atmosphere,” says photographer Dane Sponberg, who was on the scene and captured this shot of attendees in the midst of their candlelit third course in front of the Swan House, where dishes were passed down the table on family-style platters.

“There was lots of sharing, talking, laughing and trying different wines,” recalls the lensman. With a bevy of well-dressed guests sipping and mingling against the sunset and veranda of this historic place, he adds, “[It] was nearly magical.”