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Around Atlanta, local tennis fans are insatiable about their favorite recreational sport.


Atlantic Station

Many had been hotly anticipating the BB&T Atlanta Open since the first warm breeze of summer—and the matches didn’t disappoint. World-renowned 6-foot-9 UGA grad John Isner, seen here playing against Christian Harrison during the second round of singles play, triumphed in this third final for the win. Luckily, photographer Joshua S. Kelly was on hand to capture the action. “Isner wasn’t shutting out Harrison like he was expected to,” Kelly explains, “so I was trying to go for shots that showed the [intense] concentration going on in the players’ minds. At this point in the game, both Isner and Harrison were playing pretty hard.” The lensman adds that, though the buzzing crowd seemed divided on who to cheer for when the two Americans played each other, “mostly they were behind Isner.”