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A fierce styling background informs this Atlantan’s interior design.

Darcie Adler

When Darcie Adler appraises you with her gimlet eyes, try not blush. She is mentally arranging a tableau of props to express your personality at its best, and the results might leave you feeling a bit exposed.

Adler has worked as a stylist for Atlanta’s top photographers, and her canny juxtapositions of texture and color have set the tone for The Book, the exclusive Neiman Marcus catalog, as well as materials for Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor.

“Photographers began asking me to decorate rooms in their homes as if they were sets,” she says. “I finally decided to venture into interior design, while continuing to work in photo styling and art direction.”

So the world is her diorama.

Adler, 44, a Minnesota native, came to Atlanta to study at the Portfolio Center and quickly established her eloquence as a visual narrator. “For The Book, I would imagine pretend people wearing the items and develop whole storylines for them—sometimes kitschy and vintage or maybe Old Hollywood glamour.”

Similarly, now with design clients, “I study someone, ask questions, and then render them on mood boards—usually an edgier version of themselves,” she says, citing recent examples: a bedroom for a young “tomboy naturalist,” a bachelor pad with taxidermy and a chichi powder room.

“Knowing how to cut the grand with the humble—and the graphic with the fluid—is part of the balance,” she confesses.

Adler’s Hots
Chunky knits and shearling, modern plaid, built-in anything, spaghetti and meatballs at No. 246 or La Tavola

Adler’s Nots
Wedge sneakers, DayGlo, skinny drop-crotch pants, wall decals, “great” rooms