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Group Dynamic!

Meet the Tuesday 12: a group of powerhouse ladies who don’t have time for lunch, but never miss an evening with their exclusive social network. Here’s a peek into this divine ladies’ den. 

Laura Walker Baird and Cinda Boomershine in a residence designed by Mimi Williams

Christine Elia, Della Patteson and Holli Hines Easton in a residence designed by Johnna Barrett

Chrishaunda Lee Perez and Shaye Strager in a residence designed by John Oetgen

Abby Perez, Kimberly Fettig and Marian Goldberg in a residence designed by John Oetgen

Liz Lapidus and Amy Saltzman in a residence designed by Mimi Williams

Sabina Carr, Anna Paré and Brooke Jackson Edmond in a residence designed by Johnna Barrett

Marylouise Fitzgibbon in a residence designed by Johnna Barrett

During a much-needed Thanksgiving break in 2009, I read Katherine Rosman’s Wall Street Journal story about a group of men founded in 1957 called the Wednesday 10. Initially started as a monthly gathering to expose various businessmen to different industries, it became a brilliant networking opportunity that included literary luminaries, such as Mort Janklow and William Safire, and business titans, like Grey Advertising’s Ed Meyer and Goldman Sachs’ Robert Menschel.

At the time, I was flailing at that work/life juggernaut—sorry, I just don’t believe in the “all about balance” fairy tale—and felt as if I had lost touch with some of my incredibly talented friends. I missed those postcollege, last-minute dinners with the girls, when we were all chasing different dreams, sharing our naive stories of the crazy boss or solving some fork-in-the-road dilemma. And let’s be honest, most of the time, when we’re straining to climb that ladder, we sometimes forget to bring the rest of the girls along for the ride.

So, I decided to create the Tuesday 12, a carefully edited group of diverse, fabulous women that would convene to inspire and mix it up. Just like the men, we could only have two people from the same industry to “combat insularity,” but, instead of going to the same restaurant, the girls would take turns hosting events and expose the rest of us to Atlanta’s gems around town.

I curated a fascinating bunch of 20—real life sometimes gets in the way, so we would anticipate at least 12 could attend each month—from fashion star Ann Mashburn to handbag designer Tamara Bowens to Andre Benjamin’s right hand, Eufaula Garrett. And just like Southern ladies do, they became a bit competitive. A few examples: Anna Paré wrangled the High Museum’s modern art curator Michael Rooks for a private tour; Della Patteson charmed artists Steve Penley and Tony Hernandez for separate intimate evenings; Marian Goldberg hosted an elegant dinner with Dennis Dean in David Yurman’s Lenox Square space; Sabina Carr persuaded MetroFresh star Mitchell Anderson to offer us delicious apps while we strolled under the twinkling holiday lights of the Atlanta Botanical Garden; and newcomer Shaye Strager even convinced these women to Zumba in heels.

Beyond our business relationships, we’ve also supported each other through births, deaths, divorce and the wonderful world of dating. As much as we love to catch up, reminisce and learn something, as Turner exec Brenda Piper readily admits, she really looks forward to seeing who wears what.