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Golden Age
By Meg McGuire | September 9, 2015

Few realize that Salvatore Ferragamo founded his brand nearly 100 years ago with a small shop in the heart of Los Angeles. Located at 6887 Hollywood Blvd., the Ferragamo boutique sold...

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Actions Speak Lauder
By Cristina Cuomo | September 4, 2015

Despite her formidable family legacy, cosmetics heiress Aerin Lauder—style and image director of Estée Lauder, and founder and creative director of AERIN—is doing anything but resting on her dynastic laurels. Three years ago...

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Supercar Meets Sedan
By Nate Chapnick | September 4, 2015

If James Bond had a couple of kids, he would, no doubt, be driving an Aston Martin Rapide S. From its muscular, evocative lines to its civilized, effortless power, the 2015 Rapide S...

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Bottoms Up
By Jess Charmoli | September 3, 2015

1. Good Times at Davey Wayne’s
Pass through a vintage garage sale and refrigerator door to enter Houston Hospitality’s buzzworthy bar. Once inside, indulge in...

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Retreat in the Ribera
By Becca Hensley | August 31, 2015

I drink from a waterfall at the heart of Spain’s Duero Valley, in a refurbished 12th century monastery-turned-five-star hotel called Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine. Not part of nature...

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Women of Style
By Amanda Friedman, Laura Eckstein Jones and Meg McGuire | August 31, 2015

For mother-and-daughter duo Alexandra and Talita von Furstenberg, fashion isn’t just a passion—it’s in their DNA. Alexandra,...

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Great Scott
By Carita Rizzo | August 31, 2015

If he’s being honest, what Craig Ferguson—the multitalented author, comedian and former late night host—wants most right now is a vacation. The Scottish-born star finished his decadelong stint on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson...

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Uncovered Girl
By Ray Rogers | August 28, 2015

Oh, the glamorous life of a supermodel! “Hold on—my dog just threw up,” says Chrissy Teigen, Sports Illustrated cover model and no-holds-barred co-host of new ABC talk show FABLife. She is splayed out on a couch in an...

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Standing Tall
By Elizabeth Jenkins | August 21, 2015

1. “I love the Kimora Lee Simmons Miyoki handbag. It’s a structural leather tote that’s big (but not too big), classic and chic.” Leather Miyoki tote, $1,500, by Kimora Lee Simmons at...

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In Full Bloom
By Aliza Abarbanel and Madeleine Sigall | August 13, 2015

1. Bloom That
The S.F.-based brand just launched delivery to L.A. and is known for its chic seasonal arrangements. Its newest offerings are BloomBoxes, a...

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Sand Castles
By Mike Espindle | August 6, 2015

My first trip to the Caribbean as an adult, several years ago, was to Anguilla, and that visit did a great job of spoiling me. I’ve visited many other island destinations, but a return to “Rainbow City” (so nicknamed for its propensity to...

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Making Moves
By Jess Charmoli, Laura Eckstein Jones, Amanda Friedman, Meg McGuire and Maile Pingel | August 5, 2015

Filled with soaring new developments and top cultural offerings, the heart of the city is truly having a moment.


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