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Standing Tall
By Elizabeth Jenkins | August 5, 2015

Even child No. 4 cannot slow down Kimora Lee Simmons. In the past year, the former Chanel model-turned-fashion mogul not only gave birth to a baby boy, but she also launched her own luxury line. Now, she...

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Hitting Her Mark
By Maile Pingel | August 5, 2015

The citrus trees and genteel magnolias that welcome guests to Maria Menounos’ home are the first indicators that life at this 1930s Georgian Revival is a world away from the hubbub of Hollywood. The second is the affable star herself.


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Interior Insider
By Maile Pingel | August 5, 2015

1. White, light and bright! White paint gives existing cabinets new life. Consider swapping a few solid doors for glass fronts to create the feeling of a window.

2. Changing out old hardware for shiny...

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Fresh Beets
By Carita Rizzo | August 3, 2015

Three years ago when Moby found himself photographing an odd blue building in Silver Lake, he never imagined this “bizarre art deco battle ship,” as he describes it, would house his newest venture. But a decade after opening his first restaurant,...

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Spice of Life
Lesley Balla | Photography by Dylan + Jeni | August 3, 2015

As I sit in the dining room at Cassia, the late afternoon sun gleams across an icy bed topped with glowing red prawns, gorgeous king crab legs and myriad oysters. With Fresno...

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Ferrari Finesse
By Nate Chapnick | August 3, 2015

It seems like an impossible task: Take Ferrari’s already sensational 458 midrear engine V8 supercar and replace it with something that’s even better. Although challenged, Ferrari’s...

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Home is a Trip
By Ayesha Khan | July 31, 2015


Imagine spending a morning languishing beside a beautiful...

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She's Got Game
By Ray Rogers | July 29, 2015

High up in the Hollywood Hills, actress Michelle Monaghan is marveling at the expansive view of downtown L.A. from the enviable vantage point of the bright, colorful 1923-built abode that Ginger Rogers once called home. Monaghan and husband Peter...

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Turning Tables
By Amanda Friedman | July 22, 2015

1. Keep It Cozy
Guests should feel warm and welcome when they sit down. Candles and flowers are a great way to bring warmth to the table.

2. Use Your China
Pull out your beautiful tableware! There...

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Brunch Bunch
By Lanee Lee | July 16, 2015

1. The Fat Dog
Outrageously indulgent offerings, like the short rib hash with grilled ciabatta, poached eggs and hollandaise ($14), or the bread pudding slathered in a mascarpone...

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Shore Things
By Laura Eckstein Jones | July 13, 2015

1. Carbon Beach
Because beach access is limited—program 22706 or 22126 PCH into your GPS to locate paths—this Malibu oasis feels...

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