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Material Girl
By Laura Eckstein Jones | November 16, 2015

1. “My double wrap leather Apple Watch band gives my favorite piece of technology a sporty-chic look.” Double wrap leather Apple Watch band...

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The Spirit of Giving
By Jess Charmoli, Laura Eckstein Jones, Amanda Friedman and Meg McGuire | November 11, 2015

As a trustee of the National Resources Defense Council, co-founder of the Women’s Cancer Research Fund and chair of numerous philanthropic...

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Crunch Time
By Nikki Binafard | November 9, 2015

1. Basecamp Fitness
The new studio’s signature 35-minute class has a high-energy approach: one-minute on a bike and one-minute off doing a variety of full-body exercises...

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La Dolce Vita
By Laura Eckstein Jones | November 3, 2015

Prior to embarking on our first transatlantic trip together, my husband and I had a series of negotiations before we determined where to go. Finally, we were able to agree on a few musts: a beautiful place to relax; a place where we could...

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Role Model
By Meg McGuire | November 3, 2015

"Over the past two years I have become more certain that I should [take on] only projects that make me happy,” explains mega-star Daniel Radcliffe, best known for playing Harry Potter in the hugely popular movie franchise. “And that doesn...

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Moore Amore
By Ray Rogers | October 30, 2015

“I’m starving!” exclaims Julianne Moore after a late morning yoga session as she settles in at her favorite table in a West Village eatery, menu in hand. “I don’t even know why I’m looking. I know what I’m going to...

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What’s Cookin’?
By Jess Charmoli | October 27, 2015

1. The Art of Charcuterie
Learn the art of Kaese Krainerwurst (a German cheese sausage)—plus how to make your own mustard—at Cafe Pinot...

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Posh Powder
By Misty Milioto | October 22, 2015

California and Nevada offer a wide variety of terrain that draws skiers and snowboarders from around the world. The Sierra Nevada range is the most popular ski destination in the area, thanks to the high concentration of ski...

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That’s a Wrap!
By Shontel Horne | October 19, 2015

1. The Edible Monument: The Art of Food for Festivals
Food has long been a staple in artworks depicting elaborate banquets and celebrations. Works from the Getty Research...

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Gothic Revival
Lesley Balla | Photography by Dylan + Jeni | October 13, 2015

Moments after sitting down on the patio at Hatchet Hall, the sun casting golden hues over the ivy-covered wall, Wine Director Maxwell Leer bounced to our table...

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Hot Brews
By Laura Eckstein Jones | October 12, 2015

1. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen
After recent openings in Brentwood, Silver Lake and Studio City, the uberpopular coffee shop will debut its fifth location this month in Anine...

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Raw Talent
By Amanda Friedman | October 8, 2015

Kelly Wearstler is one of those rare individuals whose inherent creativity and style spill into everything she does. The L.A.-based designer is renowned for her boldly decorated spaces, a unique blend...

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