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The Aspen boutique will have a similar look as that of the St. Moritz, Switzerland store. 

Italy, Meet Aspen

Brunello Cucinelli gives new meaning to brand savvy!

City for Display: 

Brunello Cucinelli recently introduced the stylish Aspen set to its luxury lifestyle brand for men and women—a brand that’s known for its impeccable craftsmanship and muted color palette. The store will be holding an opening event on Dec. 22 from 4 to 7pm, hosted by the board members of Pathfinders for Cancer—Catherine Anne Provine, Tina Staley and Kristin MacDermott, plus interior designer to the stars Jeffrey Alan Marks. The event will showcase Brunello Cucinelli’s warm family vibe and all that the Italian lifestyle embodies. So, of course there will be a hot-chocolate bar, plus warm apple cider and plenty of traditional Italian holiday treats. The company will be donating 10 percent of event sales to Pathfinders.

Aspen Magazine spoke with Brunello Cucinelli, founder and CEO, to get a sneak peek into the brand.

Why did you want to open a store in Aspen, where your brand has been sold by Nuages and Gorsuch? We felt it was time for us to showcase our entire lifestyle in our own ‘home.’ Having our own boutique allows us to tell our story, through images of Solomeo [where the company is based], props, windows and the overall shopping experience. Visual merchandising has a key role in our strategy, and we are able to truly highlight it in our boutiques.

How do you define luxury? I have always defined luxury as a concept that relates to a product with excellent quality, impeccable craftsmanship and unique creativity. I also think of exclusivity in terms of distribution. Luxury is anticipating and always exceeding the expectations, offering the ultimate product and a memorable experience.

What are Cucinelli classics? The neutral color palette, for sure. Knitwear is the core of our business, and cashmere is how we started. We believe in the importance of always maintaining our classic sweaters in neutral colors, but giving them a new interpretation season after season. Modern silhouettes and special handmade details are what people look for in Cucinelli. For women, our masculine/feminine-inspired aesthetic, and for menswear, our navy travel blazers, panama cargo pants and elbow-patch cashmere sweaters [are signature looks].

Your brand is known for luxe cashmere, but you have begun producing warm-weather clothes and lightweight outerwear, and, in your upcoming spring collection, you even use materials like python skin. You call the look “ordinary yet extraordinary.” Tell us more about what you mean. Our collections have evolved so much from the days when we used to present an array of cashmere sweaters in multiple colors. We now offer a complete lifestyle for men and women. In women’s wear, we’ve started to work with precious leathers, but always in our signature neutral color palette, to help highlight the quality and craftsmanship. For us, everything is in the details. We try to source what’s best in the market, and everything is made in Italy. Comfort and ease have to also be a part of the ultimate goal when creating our collection.

We hear you have some friends in Aspen, at Casa Tua. How did you meet? Leticia and Micky. Leticia is a dear friend, and she was our model at the height of her career in Europe. They are both warm and wonderful family people. They have dedicated their life to promoting the same values that we also cherish: the Italian lifestyle, importance of family, great quality and impeccable taste.