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11.17.17 - 01.12.18

Join us for the opening of Reverence featuring artworks from Jeremy Brown, Patrick Heagney, Blockhead, Lee Arnett, and Wyatt Graff. Patrick Heagney uses photography to capture movement and time in a frame that highlights the ambiguity of our memories, while Jeremy Brown creates his work as an act of meditation with a yearning to maintain love, passion, energy, and harmony. Chris Skeene, or Blockhead, uses his blockhead sculptures to bring variety to the repetition of a singular form. Often collaborating with other Atlanta artists the form allows for infinite possibilities unveiled by the imagination of others. Lee Arnett plays with the relationship between word and symbol in his paintings. Instilling a sense of self, he reminds the viewer that the human behavior relies on one’s emotion and relationship with others. Graff explores postmodernist principles brought forward in time, and focuses on the relationship between wall, paint, and support to create a fusion of highly abstract sculpture and painting. The opening takes place on November 17, from 7 pm to 10 pm and features drinks provided by Cathead Vodka

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