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Our photog snaps a serene moment at Bodies as a Work of Art’s 3-D ultraviolet show.


Jungle Atlanta

Each year, The Chelko Foundation works to raise money that helps empower women through art, education and partnership with scholarships and grants by putting on the multiday event Living Art America’s Bodies as a Work of Art. The edgy slew of soirees feature male and female models who strip to their skivvies and are transformed into the likes of wild birds, jungle animals and other fantastical creatures by body-paint artists who expertly cover them head-to-toe in bold hues. One evening was reserved for the 3-D Ultra Violet Fluoro Show at Jungle Atlanta, where photographer Kimberly Evans was on hand to capture the stunning glow-in-the-dark masterpieces being created on various bodies. “We were backstage and we had very limited space,” Evans explains, “so I stood on the stairs so I could get a better shot without interrupting the artists while they continued creating their magic.” What she captured were striking behind-the-scenes shots before the models took to the stage to flaunt their looks for the crowd. “I was totally enamored by the level of detail that went into each painting,” the photographer adds. “I’ve never seen such artwork, so I was fascinated by all of the hues and silhouettes.” In the midst of a chaotic backstage scene, Evans says model Christopher Ryan kept his composure well while artist Liliana Sepulveda Hopman did her work, resulting in a shot that looks much more serene and peaceful, and, in the words of Evans, “so surreal.”