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Rambling Man

Extraordinary excursionist Todd Bliwise travels a million miles for you.

Todd Bliwise steps out of a Five Star Enterprise limousine on his way to his next fabulous destination.

City for Display: 

While other kids were fidgeting in class or exploring the woods, Todd Bliwise’s restlessness propelled him in more cosmopolitan directions. When he was 8 years old, he packed a suitcase with crackers and struck out alone—for the airport. This citizen of the world went on to study international business, before founding An Avenue Apart, a purveyor of fine international goods picked up on his travels and sold on his e-commerce site.

This summer, Bliwise completed his seventh trip around the planet—53 countries stamped on his passport and Million Miler certification—and the provisions have grown more sumptuous. As a luxury travel consultant for Currie & Co., a firm that is neither listed nor advertised, he’s busy mapping out discerningly curated trips for high-end clientele. This man works as a jet-setter, in every sense of the word.

“I can’t plan a trip for someone if I don’t know a place, so I investigate every aspect and amenity, down to the last detail,” says Bliwise. For his clients, he can secure coveted tables in Paris, whisk honeymooners to pristine beaches and navigate the souks like a local. Defying the “ugly American” stereotype at every turn, he bones up on languages and looks the part of continental, in custom suits from Empire International Tailors in Hong Kong. Bliwise currently alights in Buckhead, when he is not reaching for the stars—the kind in The Michelin Guide.

Bliwise’s Hots
The Maldives, Croatia, Cambodia, American Airlines upgrading premium classes, border crossings becoming easier, European culinary tours with revered chefs, tight-fitting suits with slim legs

Bliwise’s Nots
Dubai: “It’s the Las Vegas of the Middle East. Check out Oman instead,” globalization and homogenization of the world, flip-flops anywhere but the beach, unpressed shirts with wrinkles