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Roger That

Dorsey Alston President Michael Rogers remarks on his realty road to the top.

Dorsey Alston President Michael Rogers is the second-generation Rogers and third Atlanta native to own and run Dorsey Alston, Realtors.

“I love coming to the office every day and working with the incredible team that we have,” says Dorsey Alston President Michael Rogers. The oldest of three boys, Rogers made his move back to Atlanta to take the helm at the family firm in 2000 at the mere age of 24. “I asked a lot of questions, solicited a lot of advice and embraced the steep learning curve that was in front of me,” he says of the transitional time. Packing an MBA from Stanford, the Westminster grad and Atlanta native soon set out to grow the reputable real estate group smartly rather than swiftly. “Our team operates at the highest level of ethical practice with zero tolerance of anything less. We hire based on reputation and character rather than production. The energy that comes with being a family-owned private company is a key part of who we are, and we are focused on preserving that feel and ensuring that our brand continues to symbolize the level of quality that it has become known for over the last 68 years.” Sounds like an investment that will surely appreciate in value!