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Ahead of the Pack

The newlyweds make their grand exit at Puritan Mill.

By the time they reached their wedding day, Lara Goodrich and Zachary Ezor had already shared several major milestones hiking from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail—an engagement at mile 701; heat exhaustion at mile 1,384; and trail completion at mile 2,181. “We both think of it as one of the greatest things we have ever done in life, and we walked every step together,” notes the bride, who planned the entire wedding, with the help of the Magnolia Events team, via email and occasional phone calls at rest stops throughout her five-plus-month trip. In the spirit of their accomplishment, the couple decided to wear their packs for their grand exit leaving their extravagant New Year’s Eve wedding. “On the trail we quickly realized how little we needed to be happy,” Goodrich explains. “We liked that we were simply ‘hiking’ away together onto another big journey.”