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Made in the Shades

Bold American’s Steve Bales creates a dynamic centerpiece that is an on-trend, textural mix of ombré florals and foliage.

Bales selected colored glassware, an ivory lace overlay linen and crackled, leaf pattern chargers to play up the textural and natural feel of the centerpiece.

Typically featuring a color gradient that fades from dark to light or vice versa, the ombré trend has swept everywhere from the runways and beauty world to home decor and now, event design. “A monochromatic centerpiece makes a big impact—it carries lots of texture with a variety of different flowers and also adds painterly interest to your table,” says Steve Bales, creative director at Bold American Events.

For this striking look, Bales chose an estate table in order to emphasize the transition from one tone to the next. “Ombré centerpieces work exceptionally well on a long table where you can showcase the design all the way down, and make it visually pleasing for guests, no matter where they are seated,” he explains. The flowers lead the eye as they transition to lighter shades extending down to both ends. “I’m drawn to featuring it in this more symmetrical way,” Bales acknowledges.

Bales chose to showcase the shaded style in a palette of greens for a fresh, spring feel, that could easily work well for a summer or winter wedding. The arrangement incorporated 12 different varieties, including green dianthus, green Fuji mums, geranium leaf, magnolia foliage, camellia foliage, Queen Anne’s lace, variegated pittosporum, green and white roses, white dahlias, white ranunculus, pale green dianthus and white Veronica. “I used green foliage to add some texture, and to work in the darkest of greens,” Bales explains.

“I don’t know that this design works for everyone, but I do see this monochromatic look as suiting someone with a sophisticated style; whether that’s vintage or classic, it works for both,” Bales offers. Bold American Events, 404.961.7852,