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Katherine & Grant

Grant Show and Katherine LaNasa throw a multicolored fete amid the wilds of Topanga Canyon.

LaNasa and Show wanted a “natural” setting for the affair.

Bright Blue Events created the bride’s colorful bouquet

Flower girls sprinkled rose petals to lead the bride down the aisle

Guests dined beneath strands of lights in the outdoor setting at Oak Grove at Ribbit Tree & Plant Garden

Mustaches on popsicle sticks made for fun guest photos.

LaNasa swung at a rainbow piñata

The Cake Divas rainbow wedding cake

Aswarm of disco balls hung over the dance floor

Katherine & Grant

They may not have been looking for romance, but fate brought actors Grant Show and Katherine LaNasa another chance at true happiness when they came across each other on the set of HBO’s Big Love. “We met in the hallway and would talk between takes,” says LaNasa, who is also known for her silver screen roles in The Campaign, Valentine’s Day and Alfie

Show is beloved by television audiences for his starring role as Jake Hanson on Melrose Place and his appearances on Swingtown and Private Practice.

Show and LaNasa ran into each other again six months later when they were staying at the same hotel in Canada. She was filming a Lifetime pilot and he was shooting the horror film The Possession with Kyra Sedgwick. After coincidentally making dinner plans with the same mutual friend, the pair kept finding themselves amid the same group of pals for the next few weeks. “A couple of months later, Grant called to ask me out for St. Patrick’s Day and immediately it just clicked that I like this guy. The strange thing is I had never given him my phone number,” remembers LaNasa. LaNasa and Show toasted to the luck of the Irish and their budding romance at Hollywood’s Happy Endings, a bar Show co-owns.

After nearly a year and a half of dating, the newly engaged couple began planning a wedding slated to take place in a mere six weeks. Luckily, LaNasa’s design business, Casa LaNasa, and her creative friends Kia Tyrell and Cole Garrison, were able to arrange details both big and small in the short time frame. “Almost everything was DIY,” says LaNasa. “I think part of being happy at your wedding is just letting go.”

In keeping with that motto, the couple chose The Oak Grove at Ribbit Tree & Plant Nursery as the setting for their intimate, 70-person, rainbow-themed wedding on August 18, 2012. “We wanted to get married in a place that was really natural and private,” says LaNasa. As jazz singer Margo Rey sang “To Know Him Is to Love Him” in the sultry style of Amy Winehouse, LaNasa’s 22-year-old son (with her first husband, Dennis Hopper), Henry, walked her down the aisle, and the actress surprised her husband-to-be in a yellow Naeem Khan dress and orange Prada wedges, Show’s two favorite colors. LaNasa’s childhood friend from her professional ballet days, Brian Vincent, officiated the ceremony in front of a large, intricately woven dreamcatcher.

For the reception, the Bob Marley tribute band One Drop Redemption played as the crowd feasted on a Jamaican menu of steak with chimichurri sauce,  mahimahi and slaw salad. Cake Divas created a thick buttercream and white pound cake, dyed in shades of the rainbow, which LaNasa topped with a Día de los Muertos bride and groom that she bought from vendors along downtown L.A.’s Olvera Street. The festivities were capped off with a game of piñata. “We had been on the red carpet for The Campaign premiere about a week before we got married,” says LaNasa. “Someone asked me what my favorite party game was and I said I loved piñatas. Grant found a rainbow version online and surprised me with it after the cake.” As candy rained down from the papier-mache design, LaNasa and Show danced the night away.