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Pretty in Pinks

Ombré cakes in jewel tones are making white wedding confections look passé. 

Leslie Maynor-Anderson’s cake is a naturalistic vision in pink. “I wanted a rustic look rather than a polished creation,” says Maynor-Anderson, owner of Fantasy Frostings in Pasadena. The spread of pink buttercream frosting applied with a spoon adds character to the two-tiered confection, “just as an old-fashioned home baker would do,” she says. The technique evokes an earthy field of blooms, her objective for the cake. Rather than adding the brilliant pinks and reds onto the cake itself, the bold look is limited to the sugar-pasted magnolia centerpiece—a more understated way to include this trend. The pièce de résistance: dazzling starburst crystals placed within the bloom.

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