Bridal Sign Up

The couple.

Guests ate French tarts from Cafe Los Feliz.

Bryant’s vibrant Valentinos.

The couple’s wedding invitation by Aardvark Letterpress.

 The bride wore Priscilla of Boston.

The groomsmen's attire.

The groom’s orchid boutonnière.

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Janie Bryant & Peter Yozell | September 4, 2011

When Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant and music tour manager Peter Yozell locked eyes across a crowded room, they knew that their wishes had finally come true.

Though she kept a list detailing the qualities of her dream man tucked under her pillow, Janie Bryant, the Emmy Award-winning costume designer known for her work on Mad Men, had given up on ever finding him when she went to dinner with a friend one night. “Why are all the good ones taken?” she lamented, citing the handsome man sitting across the restaurant as an example. When she and her friend got up to leave, they had to pass his table. His friend complimented her shoes and introduced her to the handsome man, whose name was Peter Yozell. He wasn’t taken; in fact, he’d been eyeing her with as much interest as she’d been eyeing him. Bryant stayed for a drink and the rest, as they say, is history. A year and a half later, she and Yozell celebrated their storybook romance with a casual day wedding at Cliff’s Edge, a favorite restaurant in their Silver Lake neighborhood.

Bryant initially wanted to elope, but Yozell insisted on a wedding and the couple agreed to keep it small and simple. The result: a chic brunch arranged by the couple that took place over Labor Day weekend. Yozell’s cousin, Jeremy Gross—who’d been ordained online—presided over a ceremony that combined the pair’s vows with their favorite parts of Yozell’s Jewish heritage. A flower-covered chuppah took center stage, Yozell stomped on a glass for good luck, and the couple were lifted up on chairs during an exuberant hora. In place of a traditional wedding cake—Bryant may be the only woman in the world who isn’t a cake fan—were French fruit tarts from Cafe Los Feliz, plush with custard.

Any doubts Bryant had about sharing her wedding day with friends and family were banished when she arrived at the restaurant—dressed in a chiffon gown from Priscilla of Boston’s last collection and her favorite bright pink Valentino pumps—to be met with a spontaneous burst of applause from the assembled guests. Yozell, who wed his bride in a Brooks Brothers tailor-made blue-and-white-striped seersucker suit, had popped the question five months earlier on bended knee in a crowded Korean barbecue joint, with a golden pearl ring he’d picked up in Argentina while on a world tour with the Backstreet Boys. He said he’d known she was the one moments after they’d met. This intimate ceremony confirmed to the world what they both already knew: They’d found their happily ever after.