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Bold and Beautiful: One Color Palette, Two Ways

Two up-and-coming planners on the Chicago wedding scene show us how to make the hottest color combo this season–shades of plums and purples–work to suit your style.


Fresh Florals
Unexpected colors and arrangements are where it’s at this season. Christine Janda made lush floral wreaths using various vibrant blooms and placed them on a three-tier cake stand to create dramatic centerpieces.

A soft, pretty pastel combination is a timeless wedding palette. Depending on the finishes of your venue, these colors are often the only smart option. But, if you have the freedom of choice, then vibrant jewel tones are the color combo of the moment. “Deep, rich colors highlighting magenta, purples, burnt oranges and deep greens are fresh, new and gorgeous,” says Christine Janda, a full-service planner who recently opened a Bucktown storefront, Christine Janda Design & Events (224.522.5370). “It is a big departure from the blush-and-ivory weddings that are so common right now, but it allows you to play up lots of textures and decor details,” she adds. Akeshi Akinseye, another full-service planner and the owner of Kesh Events (312.253.7318), who is celebrating a new shop, agrees that adding a pop of color is the most interesting theme this season. “I love a mixture of bright colors, such as hot pinks,” she says, suggesting also to “tone them down with softer colors like ivory, lilac and accents of silver for a romantic look.” No matter which direction you take, Janda and Akinseye agree that every bride wants to wow her guests, and one surefire way to do that is through decorating details that tell a story. Whether you are drawn to a rustic glamorous look or a softer, more feminine take on the trend, both designers agree the result will be, in their words, “crazy gorgeous!”