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Entertaining Company’s Korean Tasting Plate.

While traveling through South India, Entertaining Company owner Wendy Pashman stumbled upon “thali” plates at a roadside stand—and inspiration struck. The meals, featuring small portions of an assortment of traditional Indian dishes, seemed like the answer to the challenge so many soon-to-wed couples face: appealing to the variety of appetites of their guests. Needless to say it didn’t take long for Pashman and EC Creative Director Rachel Schwanz to put their spin on the sampler. For the new Tasting Plates, EC styles to perfection endless cuisines, from a Southern plate featuring Cajun blackened filet, fried chicken and sweet potato pie to a Korean plate with barbeque beef, vegetable pancakes and kimchi stew.

Entertaining Company, 1640 W. Walnut St., 312.829.2800