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Trey and Maria in the Villa’s gardens.

The mariachi band.

A day-of Artfully Disheveled tie.


Hand-rolled cigars with custom “skull” labels.


Poolside flowers.


Un Día Hermoso

Maria Ponce and Trey Berre October 15, 2011 

It was a heavenly day when Maria Ponce and Trey Berre exchanged vows in Day of the Dead style.

When Maria Ponce and Trey Berre met in 2002, it seemed like a perfect match. Both were Midwesterners who were extremely close to their families and had creative passions. They began dating... and broke up a month later.

“He still had a thing for his high school sweetheart,” Maria says. “But he dealt with it so admirably that we stayed friends.”

Fast-forward to 2009 when Maria, a photographer, moved home from New York, and the friendship bloomed into romance. “At our wedding, someone asked Trey when he knew he wanted to marry me. I thought he’d say a year into our relationship,” Maria says, referring to the period when Trey, a lawyer and the co-founder of men’s apparel company Artfully Disheveled, was diagnosed with cancer (he is now in remission). “But he said it was when he visited New York, and we took a walk around the city together. That made me cry.”

After overcoming a false start and a health scare, the couple soon decided that they could get through anything, and, on a Tuesday night, Trey proposed.

Six months later, the two traveled with 50 of their family members and friends to San Miguel, Mexico, to say their “I do’s.” Maria and her mother, a painter, discovered the picturesque artists’ town on a trip years before, not realizing that Maria’s paternal grandmother was married in a town 40 minutes away.

Following that heritage—and a Day of the Dead theme reflective of the couple’s edgy style—the wedding was truly a family affair. Maria’s mother created the wedding bouquets and her exquisite lace wedding gown, which included a piece of her maternal grandmother’s wedding dress. Maria’s brothers, Anthony and Dan, both local news reporters, sang Coldplay’s “Kingdom Come” during the ceremony, during which Trey’s brother acted as best man. Both sets of brothers wore ties by Artfully Disheveled, custom-made using a skull design created by Maria’s father, Chicago Tonight’s Phil Ponce.

After the ceremony, which was capped off by a 10-piece mariachi band, the party continued on into the night. Guests enjoyed an authentic Mexican meal, including a tres leches wedding cake and dancing to a salsa band.

While the wedding details were myriad, the big moments are what stuck out to Maria, especially walking down the aisle with her father. “As a wedding gift, I asked him not to cry, and I knew he was being so strong for me. And then we got to the amphitheater, and there was Trey waiting for me. I’ll never forget that first moment of looking at him.”