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Michelle Friedman of Olam Wedding Canopies creates custom chuppahs, or wedding canopies, in modern, beautiful fabrics and patterns. 

Couture Canopies

Wedding canopies, known as chuppahs and so central in Jewish weddings, are also a core part of the celebrations of many religions. And Michelle Friedman, a New York resident marrying into a Dallas family, has created a custom canopy service, Olam Wedding Canopies, creating canopies out of linens, sheers and lace, with beads, trims and other embroidery.

“Canopies are great for interfaith weddings too because you can incorporate anything and make it more secular. Indian weddings use a madop, which is basically the same thing,” says Friedman, who is marrying Adam Winski next summer.

The use of canopies is also a way of creating an altar in any religion.

In the Jewish religion, the chuppah is held up by poles or branches, often held by family members. Through Friedman’s custom business, brides can choose every aspect. “Meaning is woven in through the details,” she says. “Each unique chuppah is handmade with beading, embroidery, trims and lace to reflect the couple’s style and history and can include family mementos, such as a swatch from a mother or sister’s wedding gown or items the couple has collected during their courtship.”

And the best part? It’s one element of the wedding day tradition that lasts. You can have a piece of it framed, display it in your home or pass it on to the next bride. When it comes to stylish wedding canopies, Friedman’s got you covered!

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