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Alexandra & Maxwell

Two New Yorkers bring their wedding home to Houston with hometown help.

Maxwell & Alexandra

The pair’s rings

A favor box

Confetti-sized pictures of the couple

Susie’s Cakes made the almond and buttercream cake.

 Ready to dive in, Susan attended Modern Luxury Brides Houston Evening of Bridal Luxury, where she not only fell in love with the Omni and a candlelit chuppah but instantly clicked with coordinator Natalie Dawley of Two be Wed. An interior designer with a self-proclaimed desire for control, Susan knew Dawley was her perfect complement. “Natalie had the energy and creativity I needed so I could be a part of the process while having faith that everything would come together.” Dawley was equally smitten. “I loved how Susan took pride and honor in the role of frontman, while remembering it was Alex and Max’s big day.”

Despite a Houston wedding, the couple wanted engagement photos in New York. So when they met Houston photographer Philip Thomas, who was happy to travel the 1,400 miles to accommodate, they again found a perfect match. “Philip captured our relationship in pictures,” recalls the couple, whose favorite was a shot of the pair in front of a food truck, with a taxi zooming by in the foreground. The picture encapsulated Alex and Max’s love for the city and was used numerous times throughout the wedding.

On the advice of her matron of honor, Esther, Alex tried on dresses alone before shopping with her mother. By the time she found the dress, a tulle Kenneth Pool ball gown, she had been fitted for nearly 50 dresses. “I never imagined myself in a ball gown,” admits the bride. But the straight-from-the-runway design made her fall head over heels—literally—as she toppled off the platform and fell into so much tulle that she wasn’t even hurt.

Friends and family were the focal point of the big day, so the entire event took place in the same Omni ballroom. Plants and Petals created a chuppah like no other, using brushed steel and hundreds of suspended globe candleholders. For a one-of-a-kind backdrop, Susan commissioned emerging artist Balushka, who handcrafted dozens of unique paper flowers in shades of white and metallic gray. After the ceremony, officiated by lifelong friend and cantor Hazzan David Propis, the four-tiered almond and buttercream creation from Susie’s Cakes was moved to the chuppah and the revelry began.

While the ladies handled the aesthetics, Max insisted on handling the music. He was blown away by Professor D, who, according to the bride, “were true performers who kept the party going.” She admits they were the best decision of the wedding. “And Max reminds us every day.”

Lace-covered tables were graced with white and blush flowers, candles and boxes of Schneider Kitchens Toffee for the guests adorned with Balushka’s flower creations. But it was a surprise gift to the bride that was the highlight of the party. Susan enlarged the NYC food truck photo to a life-sized structure, and guests enjoyed homemade tamales from the serving window of the truck. The childhood favorites were a gift from Maria, who has worked for the Schneiders for years.

The party bid farewell to the newlyweds by showering them with Photofetti, confetti-sized pictures of the couple—including a shot of the bride tumbling in her tulle gown. After a whirlwind honeymoon in Costa Rica, they settled where their journey began…in the heart of New York City.