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Natural Instinct

A floral designer with a unique approach finds inspiration right outside her window.

ALL ABLOOM: Page Parkes model Katelynn Denney was, at the time of this shoot, planning her own nuptials. Pictured in a dress by Vera Wang at Casa de Novia with a bouquet of ferns, figs, kale and roses from The Moss & Rose.

Some say never to mix business with pleasure. But Jody Strom disagrees—and has her business planted right in her backyard. Strom, who has a degree in horticulture, has long shared her talent of floral arranging with family and church members, but decided to dive into the bridal biz by launching her company, The Moss & Rose, last year.

Her unique Dutch-style arrangements are already a hit with Houston brides, but Strom admits the process yields challenges. “I had a hard time finding unusual foliage from my wholesalers,” says the mom of four. So she turned to her shovel and her expertise, planting greenery, such as autumn fern, geranium and ornamental plum, all pictured in this arrangement of reds, silvers and greens. She selected figs and kale to add additional texture and shape.

Strom also grows her own amaryllis and roses, though she still looks to wholesalers for other blooms. “Houston brides are adventurous, and I get to add a touch of glamour to the traditional English-cottage look,” says the designer, who especially loves orchids for their architecture and ability to withstand heat.

Separate from the joy of doing what she loves, Strom’s favorite part of her job is “that moment when the bride says, ‘That’s exactly what I wanted; I just didn’t know how to verbalize it!’” Now that’s business and pleasure at its best.