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The most requested type of pie is the Half-Pint Mason Jar Pie, which is popular for weddings “because it is so cute to decorate and you can serve them à la mode and eat them right out of the jar,” Bates says. “They are a great takeaway favor as well.” Each pie is made from scratch, using family recipes and organic, local ingredients. $60 for 12

The individually wrapped, no-utensil-required cousin of the cake ball, the Pie Pop comes in shapes like hearts, flowers and even The University of Texas mascot, Bevo. “A huge hit for weddings,” Bates says. “Use them for favors, place card holders, arrangements for tables, you name it.” They are available in apple, blueberry, peach and cherry. $60 for 24

The company’s Not So Tiny Pie is a traditional 9-inch pastry, and the most popular flavors are strawberry rhubarb and Texas Two Step. In lieu of the first-anniversary, frozen wedding cake tier, Tiny Pies bakes a complimentary Not So Tiny Pie for couples who serve Tiny Pies at their weddings. Free four-flavor tastings are available in Houston. $22 per pie

As couples put a personal spin on the dessert table, pies have the spotlight. The mother-daughter team behind Austin’s all-natural Tiny Pies, Kit Seay and Amanda Wadsworth Bates, hasn’t had a lull since opening last year. “We’re seeing a big trend of pies replacing groom’s cake, and we’ve had quite a few pie-only weddings,” says Bates, who also does décor setup. “Folks are becoming more aware of where and how their food is grown and they want fresh products with ingredients they know.” They come in 15 sweet and savory flavors and seven styles, so the only dilemma is what to order.