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A full-service spa in Brickell transforms brides in short order.

It’s a dream come true: At the MIAMI Institute of Age Management and Intervention is a group of doctors ready to make you over from head to toe for the big day.

Before walking down the aisle, march over to MIAMI Institute of Age Management and Intervention for Bridal Beauty Boot Camp, a series of treatments promising radiant results. With two time-frame options, the clinic’s skin-saving packages are sure to have you as radiant as the stone he recently placed on your finger.
It’s a major commitment, but one that can save the effort of running across town from appointment to appointment. If you go with the four-month package, in the first month you’ll consult with staff experts, begin a skin care regimen and meet with a nutritionist. A medical facial as well as a microdermabrasion/peel starts skin off on its new and improved path. The following month, dentists, surgeons, wellness experts and a life coach assemble with you to discuss suggested tweaks. Oxygenating treatments to hydrate skin are implemented during this time, and you’ll reconvene with the nutritionist to discuss treatment successes. By month three, you’re well on your way to being a blushing bride with another microdermabrasion treatment/peel, photo facials for pigmentation issues, dental cleansing and whitening. Then, the final session in the fourth month includes a vitalization peel to ward off fine lines; an LED treatment to heal skin; and injectionables, like Botox or Restylane. Wrap up with the nutritionist and life coach, and put on finishing touches with a calming facial, teeth whitening and brow shaping. Voilà! Bride-to-be perfection for $6,950.

If time is of the essence, a three- to four-week option may be the answer. Offering a no-nonsense, crash course for shaping up skin at a reasonable price ($495), the experts get you started with a Vitalize Peel to minimize fine lines, then heal past transgressions with LED treatments. An oxygenation treatment hydrates post-peel, while a calming facial brings skin to a happy, healthy state (think no redness, breakouts or side effects). Add in dental whitening and brow shaping, and you’ll be ready to say I do.

The Four Seasons Brickell, 1441 Brickell Ave., third floor Sky Lobby, Miami, 305.624.0009