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Brilliance, Unveiled

An undisputed star in the world of fashion, Carolina Herrera is shining yet again.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera needs no introduction. Every woman who appreciates fashion knows the designer renowned for her femininity, sophistication and elegance. What we are just discovering, however, is her spring/summer 2014 collection. “While I have always included some lace in my bridal dresses, this season I have reinvented the way it’s used,” she explains. “By bonding it with metallics, such as hand-painted gold and silver, I created a new functional fabric that still has a romantically classic feel, but with hints of modernity.”

For fans of the designer who fear she might jump on the color-trend train, she responds: “I have always believed whites and creams should be the main color of the wedding dress. I try not to follow trends.”

But she certainly did not shy away from shine. “Metallics are a large part of the collection story,” she says. “Where lace evokes elegance, the gold and silver create a fresh element.”

Herrera’s spring 2014 collection was significantly larger than in the past. She premiered 30 dresses, doubling the amount shown last October. Her goal remains unchanged, however. “The bridal industry has never stopped being a world of fantasy,” she explains. “Bridal dresses always have to be romantic, ethereal and also demure in a very sophisticated way.”

Herrera has dressed numerous celebrities, yet her most rewarding accomplishment might just have been creating wedding gowns for her brood. “I experienced so much joy in designing all of my daughters’ dresses,” she says. “All of the gowns were so unique, reflecting their personalities. The rewarding part to me is making each woman I design for feel beautiful, confident and special.”