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Depeka Rampertaap & Robin Lundberg

August 4, 2012 | The Breakers Palm Beach

Depeka and Robin slice into an elaborate cake topped with a golden elephant for luck.

Knotted bracelets on the couple’s invitations

A henna depiction of the couples’ garland exchange

Attendees from around the world witnessed the beachfront Ocean Lawn ceremony.

Table settings were embellished with gold accents.

Traditional Indian colors and flowers catch the sunlight.

The Couple
Starting off as friends in college, the pair went on their first date 11 years before Robin proposed in a rented movie theater in New York City with Depeka’s favorite Bollywood film playing in the background.

The Details
While the reception space was decked out in white flowers and candles, the ceremony prior was a traditional Indian sangeet, complete with Indian attire and vibrant colors.

The Party
Many of the 300 guests watched or participated in dances choreographed by the bride’s sister. In order to represent their vision of an East-meets-West wedding, the couple’s first dance was to a mix of her favorite Bollywood song and his favorite Jay-Z tune, with fireworks lighting the sky all the while.

Photos by Donna Newman