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Newlyweds Valentina Stransky and Jonathan Woginiak find a way to keep each other warm at Ice Palace Film Studios.

Bare feet and a designer gown in disarray. A runaway bride captured? Wedding day gone awry? Anything but.

Venezuelan lovebirds Valentina Stransky and Jonathan Woginiak wed last November in Miami and called on photographers Antonio Trigo and Victor Martí of El Marco Rojo to document their big day. But the Madrid-based shutterbugs had more in mind for the couple than poses and plastic smiles. Something a lot different, in fact.

It didn’t take too much convincing to get Stransky to “trash her dress” hours after the ceremony, running around the city barefoot and carefree–all in the name of getting emotionally-charged shots.

Since the bride and groom are big movie fans, they chose Ice Palace Film Studios for this snuggly scene. “Amazingly, and after the exhaustion that is a wedding, the couple had more energy than ever,” Trigo recalls. “Val and Jonathan were radiant, gorgeous, happy and seemed to possess peace of mind after fulfilling a dream.”

Yes, it was a scene suitable for celluloid—and they’ve got the dry cleaning bill to show for it.