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The City’s Best New Workouts!

by jfuller | CS magazine | February 5, 2011

Just in time for our annual health and beauty issue, which is on stands now, a plethora of new workouts have hit the scene in Chicago. No longer is a treadmill the workout du jour for the city’s most in-shape citizens. From spin with a twist to the latest arrival in the barre wars, there’s something for every type of workout fiend.

GoCycle: Former East Bank Club spin instructor Emmy Rigali just opened a new studio—expect her signature high-powered, high-intensity classes with the best music mix in town. If you’re looking for spin with a twist, try GO2, a 45-minute class followed by 15 minutes of core work, or Go Yo with 30 minutes of spin and 30 of yoga. 501 W. North Ave., 312.878.4999,

Barre Bee Fit: The latest arrival to the barre scene in Chicago, the super laid-back BBF is our new obsession here at CS. Like Bar Method, Core Fusion and Dailey Method (all classes we adore!), it focuses on arms, abs, butt and legs, but it mixes in two cardio blasts and a lot more planks to make the class an hour of high intensity fun. 435 N. LaSalle St., 312.595.1600,

iFit Fitness: When news broke that the 16,000-square-foot iFit Fitness club would be opening on the ninth floor of the Mart in early January, a collective “why didn’t they think of this sooner?” was uttered from the mouths of every River North resident. 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 951, 312.239.8282,

Tactix: Best known for her body-sculpting Windy City Adventure Boot Camp, Diana Ozimek introduces Tactix, high-intensity modern martial arts training. The hour-long class includes everything from uppercut punches and roundhouse kicks to amped-up yoga and suicide-style sprints. Chicago ATA Black Belt Academy, 4433 N. Ravenswood Ave.,

CrossFit: Crazy-intense workouts can include anything from kettlebell swings to handstand push-ups (those took us a little time!), all designed by top-notch coaches and changed up daily. The studio may not have many frills, but take one look at the fit devotees and you’ll never go back to a globo-gym again. 1444 W. Willow St., 773.281.0411,