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5 Gadgets to Upgrade Your Workout

Innovative workout gizmos are making staying healthy a cakewalk.

Accurately measure muscle quality and body fat percentage with Skulpt.

1. Cubii
Sitting at a desk all day has serious negative effects on our bodies, but Cubii, an under-desk elliptical machine, can help you lead a healthier lifestyle at the office. Chicago-based startup FitnessCubed launched Cubii after its successful Kickstarter campaign quickly exceeded its $300,000 goal. Now, the project comes to life with a streamlined design and seamless mobile connection allowing you to set goals, track progress and share or compete with friends to keep you motivated from 9 to 5. $350

2. Skulpt
It’s not always about losing weight. Sometimes, it’s about gaining muscle. Skulpt is the latest innovation in tracking technology that allows you to scan 24 different muscles and measure muscle quality and body fat percentage. Whether you’re a weight lifter or new to the gym, Skulpt helps build a better you by targeting your muscles with precise data that tells you when to train harder and when to congratulate yourself. $150

3. Trainer by Gibson Headphones
Gibson, best known for its musical instruments, has expanded into the health realm with wireless headphones developed in partnership with the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. The phones offer both lifestyle and active modes, NASA space technology fabric for optimal thermal comfort and up to 10 hours of battery life to ensure your playlist lasts as long as your workout. $250

4. Nathan Sports Nebula and Halo Fire Headlamps
In the winter, dark usually sets in before the workday is over, and road hazards can ward off even the most experienced outdoor runner. Nathan Sports’ runner’s headlamps take (some of) the danger out of your evening jog. The headlamps feature sensors that detect ambient light and alert drivers to your presence when necessary. Users can navigate through three lighting modes with just a wave of the hand. Say goodbye to button fumbles and hello to a smooth midnight trot. Nebula Fire $75, Fleet Feet Sports, 150 W. Roosevelt Road, 312.788.3338; Halo Fire, $120

5. Personal Power Plate
A home gym is only as good as its equipment, and the home Personal Power Plate is a game changer for anyone looking to burn some calories without leaving the house. Launched in January, the compact, lightweight design fits neatly in small spaces but packs a major punch, retaining the destabilizing workout of its sister product. Check total body workout off today’s to-do list! $2,000