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5 Must-Visit Boutiques

The city’s most stylish herald their favorite retail destinations.

Azeeza Khan wearing her Shea Body Harness ($795)

1. Azeeza US
Jessica Parker, Sophia Bush and Gabrielle Union have all sported the modern, handcrafted designs by Azeeza Khan. We’re anxiously awaiting her spring-summer 2016 collection featuring opulent black silks, baroque accessories and sophisticated cuts.

Founder Jeff Burkard clads clients in luxe fabrics—think Giza 45 Egyptian cotton shirts and cashmere blazers—custom-fit to every man’s lifestyle.

3. Burdi
For more than 45 years, the Burdi family has sought to provide the finest garments and most innovative products straight from Italy to the sharpest guys in town. An absolute local gem.

4. Independence
A strictly American-made selection of heritage-influenced pieces gives this Oak Street shop a welcomed edge, with its premium rag wool, leather and raw denim for men.

5. Ikram
Owner Ikram Goldman has a pedigree for dressing powerful women. Her iconic, chic boutique couples an art gallery and cafe with an eclectic mix of designers and hand-curated vintage pieces.