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A stroll along the Riverwalk leads to a stunning shot.



Chicago Riverwalk, Under the State Street Bridge

The ongoing expansion of the Chicago Riverwalk has left the pathway closed to the public—until recently, when photographer Carlton Holls was able to capture a stunning sneak peek. Holls was spending the holiday exploring the city on a photo stroll and realized that this part of the walk was newly opened: “While checking it out, I noticed that the section underneath the bridge was now lined with shiny reflective panels that I thought would make a good photo opportunity.” Holls waited for the boat to pass him and snapped away. “I shot the photo with a Nikon D5100 camera using a Tamron 18-270 lens and processed it with Lightroom software, where I added the cyan tones.” The monotone hue and shiny reflection of a paused moment in downtown life puts a beautiful spin on a brand new cityscape.