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A surprising look at our stunning city


300-310 S. Federal St.

After a late-summer rain, the telltale signs of fall abound. The night creeps up before 6pm and the once-warm 80-degree day drops to a cool 60 degrees. This transition means warm scarves, time spent with family and a good reason for an evening stroll. While with a close friend, Radim Svoboda found himself moved by the aftereffects of a fresh rain shower. “I was on a walk with my friend and her little child, and she wanted to get out of the [stroller] and play in the puddle we were passing by,” he says. As puddle playtime commenced, Svoboda took note of the captivating backdrop that the Board of Trade provided. “In the end, I was inspired by the reflection and took a picture of the business district during the cloudy evening.” Indeed, the enthusiastic whims of a child often remind us to stop and take in the world around us, allowing us to see things we might otherwise have missed.