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A four-legged friend takes full advantage of Chicago’s first snow.


Mount Prospect

Diana Nguyen’s beloved Saint Bernard, named after the Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis, is accustomed to spontaneous photo shoots—especially after winter storms. And the first snow of 2015 was no different. Around 7am Nov. 21, on a whim, Nguyen took Giada out into the abandoned snow-covered streets of Mount Prospect for an impromptu session. Day or night, Giada knows the drill.

“I’ll admit it: It’s our thing,” Nguyen says. “We’ve done this a million times so that I think she knows what I want her to do. Or else she’ll do anything for a treat.” 

On this November morning, Nguyen recalls her four-legged friend sitting patiently in the fresh snow waiting for instructions while she was adjusting the camera settings.

“She was being patient, but if you look at her eyes, you can tell that she was anxious to get started,” Nguyen says. “When it snows in Chicago, I can guarantee that no one is happier than my girl Giada.”