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Face Lift

When Dr. Eliza Parker moved her Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center to Oak Street, she took the design in her own hands—with flawless results.

Dr. Eliza Parker expanded the Oak Street Cadella space with help from architect Michael Biedermann.

Beauty is all in a day’s work for Dr. Eliza Parker of Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center. So it should come as no surprise that Parker played an integral role in the stunning redesign and recent expansion of her office space on Oak Street—she simply has a keen eye for the exquisite.

“I had a way I wanted people to feel when they walked in,” she explains. “My vision was open, warm and inviting. It was more of an idea, and then the way it came out was really an interesting process... one piece at a time.” The first crucial element was a showstopping piece of white Italian marble with metallic undertones and an asymmetric pattern, which transformed the reception desk into a work of art.

The rest of the design was an exercise in balance. While the entryway had clean, square lines, which Parker adores, she wanted to contrast it with other elements—a departure from her previous Old Town office space, which she describes as having “an industrial New York edge.” So Parker chose furnishings from a variety of vendors—including Joss & Main, CB2, Z Gallery and trade shows—that softened the space: a couch and chairs with curved lines, metallic accent tables and sheer curtains for the office’s expansive windows. “If we went supersquare and supermodern, it would have felt austere,” Parker notes. Instead, the office feels open, bright and airy.

For Parker, the ultimate goal is a space that best serves her clients. “At the end of the day, what matters is giving the best patient care one patient at a time, bottom line,” Parker says. “But to add an aesthetic calmness to the office: It communicates without words. You are going to have a sense of what we are about—beauty, wellness and life.”