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Frosty Sweets

In the heat of summer, frozen treats are a must. But consuming sugary concoctions doesn’t mean you have to leave sophistication behind. These Chicago eateries offer a more mature take on classic favorites. 

A splash of prosecco awaits a helping of apricot sorbet at Nico Osteria.

1. State and Lake Chicago Tavern
Devour chocolate rum ice cream pressed between two house-made caramel coconut cookies at theWit Hotel’s restaurant. The tavern also offers a blueberry ice cream and apricot oatmeal cookie combo if a fruity palate is more your style. $5 each, 201 N. State St., 312.239.9400

2. Nico Osteria
Fine Italian desserts get a modern twist at Gold Coast’s Nico Osteria with variations on the traditional coffee-based affogato. To shake things up, try the prosecco over apricot sorbet and burnt honey gelato. $11, 1015 N. Rush St., 312.994.7100

3. The Dawson
Cherry vanilla ice cream, amaretto cream, chocolate sammies, bourbon and homemade cola star in this foamy confection served up at The Dawson. Not your child’s root beer float, indeed. $15, 730 W. Grand Ave., 312.243.8955

4. Pelago
Savor mascarpone sabayon, nectarine and blueberry sorbet nestled inside a cookie ring at this contemporary Italian restaurant. $19, 201 E. Delaware Place, 312.280.0700

5. Deca
The Ritz-Carlton’s Michelin-awarded Deca Restaurant and Bar offers a unique float of its own created with elderflower soda, apple sorbet, crème fraiche ice cream and almond cookies. We’ll take two, please. 160 E. Pearson St., 312.573.5160