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Mouthing Off

Food and storytelling make a lovely combo at Between Bites.

Between Bites founders Molly Each, Rachel Gillman Rischall and Liz Grossman at The Dawson

It’s fitting that the idea for Between Bites, a live literary event dedicated to food-inspired storytelling, came about when Molly Each, Rachel Gillman Rischall and Liz Grossman were dining together. After all, with careers in the food industry, the three friends break bread often. But their concept for a quarterly event, with an overarching theme like “Inside/Outside” or “Hot/Cold,” where food writers, chefs and restaurateurs read original stories in front of an audience (and help raise money for charity in the process) was unique.

“Chefs get to be writers, and writers get to be performers,” says Rischall. Adds Grossman, “It’s interesting to see what sort of stories the theme inspires and the different ways people interpret it.” To further tie in the series’ focus on food, host restaurants change with each event.

Two years and seven events later, Between Bites, which recently received nonprofit status, has featured 42 readers, including restaurateur Kevin Boehm, media phenom Steve Dolinsky and chef Jason Hammel; entertained 650 guests; and raised nearly $15,000 for charities. And it shows no signs of slowing down. Future plans include podcasts, a magazine and branching out to other cities. “To see people you only know from working in a kitchen get up and tell a story with the crowd in the palm of their hands,” says Each, “is always fun to watch.” Oct. 19, $30 (includes small bites and wine), Green Street Smoked Meats, 112 N. Green St.