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Siren Song

Broadway superstar Kristin Chenoweth comes to Chicago for a one-night-only performance.

Whether hitting a high note or swinging low, it’s astounding how much sound pint-size performer Kristin Chenoweth can produce. A star who’s equally at home on Broadway (Wicked) or tossing off an aria or two (she’s opera-trained), the awesome Oklahoman always sings out. This month, she shakes up Symphony Center when she teams up with members of Chicago Symphony Orchestra for the association’s Corporate Night benefit.

How does doing a concert differ for you from performing in a musical?
The concert work is my proposition to an audience of what songs I love. It’s, ‘Hey! Here is me.’ I want people to really know who I am as a person when they leave my concerts. When they leave a Broadway show I am in, I want them to think, ‘I can’t believe that was her!’

Are you jazzed to be coming to Chicago?
I love that city. The orchestra. The opera. The people. And the shopping. Please! I save my money before I come there so I can go shopping. Wrong?! Who cares? 

Not to give the show away, but can you tell us what you’ll be singing with the CSO?
Honestly, the show is always changing. I input new songs all the time. There are constants, like ‘Popular’ from Wicked. I will always give my fans a little of what they expect. Why wouldn’t I want to? Every artist should be so lucky to have a song written for them.  

You are incredibly versatile; is there a type of music that’s beyond you?
I really wish I could rap. I haven’t ever done it. I wouldn’t want to offend the rap community! June 20, 7:30pm, tickets from $65, 220 S. Michigan Ave., 312.294.3000